donderdag 7 oktober 2010

Working his ass off…

Who is? Matt is! That’s why I’m writing this blog. To literally save his ass, if you will :) Seriously though, he’s really busy…

At the moment he’s working on finishing some of the models Joep was making yesterday. As you could see on Wednesday Joep was busy modelling some nice animals. Could you guys guess yesterday’s model? It could be anything ranging from Penguins to some alien lifeforms I guess (I’m never quite sure here). It’s Matt’s job to cover these models with the cool art he makes. This art in turn is based on the (final) concept art. Once the models are covered with the proper textures he tweaks them to fit the world perfectly. This gives the models their character and makes them real, useable assets to use in the upcoming versions of the game. 

On top of that he will need to start working on posters. We’ll be having a small party/reception type of thing (“borrel”) soon to celebrate the official opening of our new office. For this event we want to have some of our own art (from Xform games) in cool poster size frames. Mainly to show off to the people that are coming ofcourse, but also because we don’t really have any of our own game art in the office. Up until now, posters of Sam&Max, Monkey Island and even more Monkey Island graced our office. Now it’s time to put up Xforms’ own accomplishments on the wall!

On top of all that he actually needs to be working on the racing game that takes place on the water, the one he told you about in the last weeks. His work on the Time Management Game is needed now, but the aquatic racing game is the first priority, so once the assets are done, he’ll need to get right back to work on that.

So, Matt will be updating his blog next week. I hope that he can mention something about the things he’s doing at this moment, especially “(un)wrapping” textures and the like, in his coming posts.

-- Erik

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