maandag 18 maart 2013


Hey everyone!

This week I’m going to talk about the character I've been working on the last couple of days.
I’m not going to tell much about the project that I’m working on.  One thing I can tell, it has nothing to do with cars or what so ever.

I had to make a character with the same looks as the main character of the game called “The Hammer”. This is one of the first games Xform made!

 So with that game as my main reference. I started to begin on my character.

I always make one half of an object. I do this with almost everything I make, cars, props, weapons and in this case a character.

During modelling an object you always want to know how the model will look like in total. For this, there are several easy methods in 3Ds Max to get that. Personally I always make an instance of my model.  This allows me to work on one model while the other one also get the same changes. There is also another tool in 3Ds Max what you can use, called symmetry.

When I’m satisfied with my model, I begin to unwrap. After unwrapping is done I attach the model to the other to get it complete. I do this after unwrapping so I won’t have to unwrap everything. Now I just have to separate the unwraps of each other and weld them together.  

After that I added the biped to my character and used skin to rig him.

When the rig is done, I always make an test animation to check if the character is rigged well.

Here is an example

As you can see, there is one vertex that is sticking out. Apparently that vertex was also attached to the Left Upper Arm.
So I select the vertexes that are attached to the wrong bones and reattach them to the correct bones.
This is easily done in the skin modifier.

So after the Rig is completed I started with my texture.  I’m not going into this. That is for another time.

 A nice end pose, added some random weapons. And the deed is done for now!