dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

Power outage/ Office management madness

Yes, I like alliterations in the titles of my blog, it just adds that ‘pulp fiction’ vibe. You know like the old comics and newspaper headlines: “Super Shopping Shocks Nation… “ and so on. 

More to the point; because the others on this blog will inform you about the technical feats they can achieve in game creation, I’ll keep you updated on what happens in the sometimes boring, yet never exciting, world of managing stuff… It isn’t all bad however, so don’t worry. I’ll have tales of epic frustration for you.. I’ll let you know what happens in between the game creation stuff.

So, last week we had a small “borrel” which is Dutch for serving drinks and potato chips for a few guests, basically. This was in honour of our new location being finally completed as a (workable, less mice-infested) new office. We’ll have a second “borrel” this Thursday, so we can accommodate absolutely everybody that wants to drink with us in celebration. If you’re reading this and feel left out somehow, please let me know by sending me an email.

What we’ve been facing in the office is the continuing threat of decay. After the rotting interior and mice, last week our power supply went crazy. When trying to switch our power cables to the sockets on the ceiling instead of the wall based sockets, our whole office blacked out. In our never ending struggle for existence, we managed to get everything plugged in again and working. Today the wiring has actually been properly fixed! We can now use all sockets again and suffer less from the static electricity we used to feel in the office when we touched metal and random shocks while walking around.

Another big thing is my month long struggle to get the a new connection of our interwebz working @Xform. My discussions with the helpdesk people of the service provider had already heated up as I shouted minute long rants at the guy who was telling me that: “Hey, I don’t think we ever received your order at all” After months filled with weekly frustrated calls. Well, they still haven’t delivered anything useable, it’s insane the way these people treat their clients.

More (on-topic) blogs coming in the following weeks, stay tuned!

-- Erik

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