dinsdag 26 oktober 2010

Regional Heroes

Hi Everyone,

As you might have read from Pieter in yesterday’s post, the Xform office 2.0 is now officially opened! Bear in mind that’s finally official, because we’ve been busy behind the scenes for almost two months. It was ready a while ago, but is now officially open for business now that everyone has collectively spilt some of their beer on our floor. We don’t give it to our dead homies here in Holland, we just spill it on your floor at parties when getting drunk, in honour of the host ofcourse!

More miscellaneous news that I can tell you about is Xforms’ appearance on RTV Utrecht. This is a regional (local) channel here that’s taking a closer look at Utrecht (Utrecht is both capital city of-, and an actual province, same name). They’re not just looking at Utrecht, but at developing businesses worthy of a special mention for students. So it might not be national television, it’s still a nice bit of publicity for the company. Plus, you get to see our (2.0) office and Diederik. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there because I had the flu and Diederik had to do all the dirty work himself. Luckily he knows his own business like no other and he did an excellent job telling everyone about his company!

So, if you’re Dutch or admire the way our throats sound when we spit out our barbaric language, please take a look here: http://www.rtvutrecht.nl/content/rtvgids&dag=1

Click on “Campus Cam” at 18:10 to view the show, our segment starts at 11:40 minutes into the video. I'll have a decent post for you guys again next week :)


-- Erik

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