woensdag 6 oktober 2010

Back to 3D for a day

The first version, or 'alpha' version of a project needs to have basic gameplay functionality and basic or 'Mockup' graphics. For the time-management-game (TMG) we want to push the mockup graphics a bit more towards final graphics. Currently the TMG's graphics consists out of boxes and other primitive shapes. Which was good to, for example, develop the pathfinding system with. But when making the gameplay more advanced it is nice to have some more final art. Today I worked on some character models. They won't be animated for example in the alpha version. But the important thing for us is to see the scale and sizes of all objects together in the scene. This makes things much easier to work on when creating the game. Later this week I'm going to make some environmental assets, to fill up the scene.

We also started using a new task/project management system as Erik posted below. I have to say that it works very good, much better than I expected and much better than our old 'trac'.


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