vrijdag 15 oktober 2010

Particle systems, Physics, Coins, ...

Dear readers,

This week I've been busy with particle systems, coins, experimenting with physics, interface, game flow and more.

I've added some particle systems to make the game look nicer. Pieter already has standard code for particle systems so it's very easy for me to spawn them. Furthermore, I added collectible coins which can also appear when destroying boxes.

I'm also playing around with physics a bit. Making a trampoline using springs. And a bridge, also using springs. Springs are awesome! I think Pieter will agree (he used one in his game as well). It definitely looks cool in action and will be even cooler with proper art, but as I said it's just playing around so it's not certain it will be in the game.

Here are some pictures of my recent efforts:

-- Stijn

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