dinsdag 5 oktober 2010

Managing our new management system

Managing stuff in general is a hassle, managing a bunch of crazy developers here at Xform can be a real chore. I’ve been looking around for weeks to find the best program to manage our workflow, but most of the programs out there complicate matters even more. Managing your project management software is not only one of the most boring tasks imaginable, it can also add an extra layer of confusion to projects that could have been avoided using simply your common sense. Just like you would without the program to confuse the hell out of your natural instincts. However, there’s also a point where you really need a program to keep the overview clear for everyone involved.

That’s why we now have a cool new program to help us manage our tasks and it’s actually quite simple. In the past open source bugtracking program Trac was the method that was used at Xform. This proved to be a bit too open source and too hardcore even for the very technically oriented people here. At some point it’s not practical to focus on that software anymore and you simply need a service that enables you to do your work.

There’s something cool about open source software, because it’s free and yet works in real life, but it’s at its best when you have a lot of spare time to mess around with the code. There’s no time to do that anymore, we need to focus on making games and I need to make everybody’s worklife here easier. We’re using Intervals now, a very basic program that tosses all MS project lookalike interfaces overboard. It’s very simple and effective, now let’s put it to good use and let’s make some more, properly managed games! For you!

-- Erik  

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