vrijdag 1 oktober 2010

Tiling Textures...

Hi There,

As you've might have guessed right now we're currently working on a racing game that takes place on the water. The past week I've been working hard on my remaining tracks which I'll preview to you in later posts.

When designing the tracks I have to keep in mind that they're for a browser based game so I can't go crazy on the texture file size and push the performance (although I'm known for pushing it anyway). Each track has a set of five predefined textures, namely:

  • a tiling texture for flat water which we'll use for seas and lakes
  • a vertical tiling texture for streaming water which will be used for rivers and waterfalls etc.
  • a horizontal tiling texture for the skybox
  • a small texture for additive effects like sunrays and lights
  • and finally one big texture for all the track assets, which can be seen in the screenshot below

For this project I've created mock-ups of the textures before actually building the 3D mesh, this way I know what my texture limitations and lay-outs are. The next step is creating the 3D track mesh with the textures kept in mind, more on this in my next blog post.

Cheers, Matt

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