vrijdag 1 oktober 2010

Pink cakes in the morning

The time management project is getting on nicely. The pathfinding is pretty much done for now, some minor glitches when moving small distances ( less than 1 tile in distance).This week I got help from Richard. He recently joined the team as programmer intern. I've been busy getting him started with our tools and engine this week. Also some new systems, but I'll blog about that next week.

Also Diederik gave us some 'pink - cakes' today.. which was not for nothing. We are all a bit behind with our blog posts. We should each have at least one blog update post per week. He tries to get us to make our posts, which worked pretty good with rewarding some cakes. Everyone is blogging right now, haha. You'll probably get to see more than one blog post update today.

Back to work, lots of things to do!

-- Joep

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