dinsdag 12 oktober 2010

Social Media Momentum

So, if you’re paying attention to how we’re developing Xform as a company, you might have noticed that we have become a lot more active on social media lately. Not only can we be found on all social media platforms now, we’re also blogging like crazy. A genuine development blog that gets updated every single workday is nothing to sneeze at…

That’s probably also the reason why we’re now listed as a new development blog on the leading site for the Dutch games industry: Control Online. You should definitely check that site out if you’re interested in working in the videogame industry, it can be a really helpful site for general industry info, but also for finding your (dream)job in the industry.

On to social media, that sticky web of self-made importance and “Liking stuff” (just scroll down to “Like” this by the way) in general. It’s becoming more mainstream to be on facebook and it’s pretty much normal if you twitter all day. I do think these media can be used to market or support your brand, but you should use the media to their best abilities and only use what suits your purpose best. Don’t keep on annoying everybody with endless posts about you and an emphasis on what you want to sell to others. Instead, focus on doing what you enjoy to do first and post about it a little more in depth later. If you’re offering something valuable, first of all, to yourself and your business, others should be able to appreciate its value in some way too. If they don’t, then what you’re doing probably sucks. Something that is very important to consider when marketing yourself and your goods in the future.

What we’re offering is this cool development blog, breaking news on our twitter feed and a nice facebook page, full of stuff to like and more to come. We’re committed to this blog and I hope you find it all interesting, don’t hesitate to let me know how you feel, you can always contact me with suggestions. We want to keep our momentum and gather as much fans as we’re growing!

-- Erik

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