donderdag 28 oktober 2010

Explosion in action!

If you’ve been reading this blog you should know I’ve been working on the 3D model and animation of a exploding and sinking ship for our “water race game”. Yesterday the head programmer on this project (Pieter) found some time to work on the explosion sequence. Implementing it turned out to be a bit harder than planned. The scene is set up like this, the ship model and debris parts are part of the track scene, the harbor track in this case. I’ve placed seven bomb dummy’s at key positions in the ship model, next I’ve linked unique debris parts to each bomb (i.e. hull debris linked to a bomb placed in the hull, cabin debris parts linked to the cabin etc.). The actual sinking of the ship is animated in a separate file, only the animation transforms need to be exported.  

Now it’s up to Pieter to blow it all up, this is how it works: When bomb trigger is activated, a ingame pickup in this game, the game camera switches to a camera which focuses on the ship, next the exported sinking animation is assigned to the ship model and starts playing. Explosions are spawned at the seven bomb dummies with short intervals, each explosion gives a impulse to the debris parts linked the corresponding bomb which causes the debris to fly around. I can tell you it’s quite spectacular! Check out the screen! 


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