donderdag 21 oktober 2010



If you've ever played our games you should have noticed that we like really like explosions, I mean really, really like them! So when we discussed which features the "race game on water" should have we all agreed this game needed explosions, but not like we've done before. The idea is that you as the player create shortcuts by blowing up environment objects which will be unique for each track. For the Harbor track I've created a ship which will blow up, break in half and sink. The rear end of the ship sinks half way into the water creating a huge ramp which the player can use as a shortcut. When the explosion occurs we'll switch to a cinematic camera to give the whole scene a more dramatic effect.


At this point I  finished the ships mesh, debris parts and sinking animation, It’s up to Pieter now to dynamically blow the debris parts away and insert the explosion graphics. I'm really curious on how this will turn out in the game, I guess we all have to wait and see...


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