dinsdag 2 november 2010

We’re nominated!

The news reached us late last week; we’ve been nominated for the Dutch Game Awards in not one, but several categories! Both ‘The Adidas Neighborhood’ and ‘Burning Rubber 3’ have been nominated, the former in the categories ‘Best Advergame’ and ‘Best Visual Design’, the latter in the category ‘Best Online Game’. It’s my pleasure to let you guys know that we’re the developer with the most nominations of all contestants! Like this article mentions. That’s because the game we didn’t make, but did publish: ‘Flipper’ for DSiWare, which has also been nominated. Check out: Goodbye Galaxy Games to contact the Flipper developer!

The Adidas Neighborhood

Burnin´ Rubber 3

The game award ceremony will take place on the 18th of November in Amersfoort, a city not too far from Utrecht. In an old train reparation hall the entire Dutch development scene will be present to eat and be so nerdy that everybody will be afraid to talk to each other until they’re drunk enough. There’s more to enjoy on the 18th and 19th of November, when ”Game in the City” takes place in Amersfoort. There will be masterclasses, meetings and discussions. Interesting for both students and the people who have made so much money developing games that they can afford to miss two days worth of work. It can be very interesting if you need to orientate yourself in the Dutch Game Development scene or if you want to start for yourself. There are attractive subsidized possibilities coming up (courtesy of the Dutch government) in all sorts of directions. Bottom line: if you want to be where the development happens in Holland, you need to check this out!

We hope to see you at the Dutch Game Awards! We’ll be there for sure :)

-- Erik

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