donderdag 4 november 2010

Alpha Rush!

Hi guys,

The deadline of another milestone for our platform game is fast approaching. We’ve had a major upgrade in the graphics for our game over the last two weeks. At this point I’m really busy making art assets and pre-fab level elements for our programmer (Stijn) to integrate into his code. The idea is to have ready-made elements that can be used in various compositions to build levels.

It’s very important that everything works well together, so sizes of objects and distances will be essential to make gameplay feel exhilarating, a feeling I usually have when playing Mario games and something we want to recreate to a certain extent in our game. Tweaking these distances and adding elements in the right places can make all the difference between a platform game that feels like a chore and one that feels like you’re in the zone and makes you want to play more. Ofcourse Nintendo’s platform games are based on a legacy of great platforming and we can’t match the amount of tweaking and experience they have. However, our game is already looking great and without boasting too much, it's really is fun to play!

Now I have to get back to building the levels and interface elements so Stijn can do just the right amount of tweaking to make it feel right. If we’re making this much progress now already, I’m really excited to see what we can deliver in the end!

Cheers, Matt

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