vrijdag 5 november 2010

First alpha version

Hi All,

Like Matthew, Stijn is working on the Alpha version of our new platform game. He’s slowly discovering the joys of videogame production, which involve last minute changes and fundamental disagreements that only arise at the very last moment. There’s so much involved when making a game, even on a smaller-than-Triple A scale. To give you a small taste, we take a look into Stijn’s production diary:

Dear Diary,

Today is the deadline for the alpha version of the platform game I'm working on. Yesterday morning I was under the impression that only a few changes were needed. But then the game designers decided to make some last minute changes: We don't need feature A and B in the game, remove it, but we do want feature C... And feature D, E and F. I don't mind changes, but right before an alpha version is kind of stressfull. Apparently that's how it usually goes, but I think I'll call for another meeting one week before the next alpha/beta/gold version. That should save us all some stress :)

Right, back to work!

-- Stijn

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