woensdag 24 november 2010

Minigame Mayhem

The time management game is making good progress. We are entering the final stage of development. Which doesn't mean that there is less work to do. We took a look at the game to see how it plays at this moment. How long it keeps us interested and entertained while playing. In my opinion the game is pretty solid already. But we decided to add a little more to get some variation in the gameplay. At this point most of the 'Levels' you can play feel pretty much the same. They vary in difficulty but the gameplay is generally the same. This is where we want to make a change.

Diederik came up with the idea of adding minigames. Imagine collecting a bucket and a brush. Then fill the bucket with water and take it to an animal to wash it. The minigame to play could be to wash an animal within a certain time limit. Washing for example, could be done by dragging over the animal with a brush as cursor. When the player succeeds, extra points are awarded. This way we 'break' the straight forward point and click gameplay of the main game.

The first 'wash' minigame is currently working with mockup graphics. It seems to blend into the game pretty good. If it works out as planned we probably keep this in the final game. And of course, add more different minigames.

-- Joep

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