maandag 29 november 2010

Office Space Invaders

Hi all,

Bad news! We had a break-in this weekend. Another one…

A couple of months ago we were also ‘targeted’ and all of our game consoles were taken. This time nothing is missing,.. Fortunately… The door to one of our offices was kicked in, but the only valuable thing in there is a TV and it is probably too heavy to carry anyways. Nevertheless, it is a pain in the ***. The door needs to be fixed, a visit from the cops, etc. All sorts of time-consuming tasks you don’t need or want when starting a new week on Monday morning.

Honestly, I don’t really care that much if they would take the PS3 again as long as the leave our computers alone. When something like this happens it always reminds you of making sure your work is properly backed up and safely stored. Thankfully, we've always done this since the beginning. Not only by making regular hardcopy backups (DVD storage and external hard disks), but also by storing your work on multiple computers at work and at home (using file versioning software). So if things go wrong again we’ll always have the most recent developments versions of all of our projects. It is a shame you have to keep this all in mind. Making sure that whatever happens; theft, fire, airstrikes, alien invasions (I am blaming the aliens for this one), nuclear detonations and earthquakes your work is never gone. Wouldn’t want to start Burnin Rubber 4 from scratch again…

Well, to end this post on a positive note. This week we will be starting to work on an update of one of our games. Of course I can’t tell you anything about it, only that it is going to be awesome! Again… ;)


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