woensdag 17 november 2010

Learn to play!

I'm currently working on the 'Tutorial' mode for the time management game. We are going to display the tutorial as a text bulb on screen, filled with text telling the player what to do. We decided that the player always has to click through a tutorial message. Of course, the tutorial can be skipped entirely.

A system like this is pretty tricky to develop. It has to be modular, so it is easy to add more tutorial messages and actions for example. We use some sort of scripting from external files to tell the game which tutorial message to display at what time. Some tutorial messages have triggers, to force the player to do a certain action before the game can continue. These triggers are partially defined in the main code, or better said 'hard coded'. And partially defined in the external scripts.

Currently the only drawbacks of the system are the hard coded triggers (and long scripts.. to define all the tutorial messages..). It would be better to have these completely working on their own from the scripts. So we can manage the tutorial message system entirely from external scripts.

(Not the most exciting update.. but hey, work can't be always exciting! )

-- Joep

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