woensdag 25 juli 2012

Sneak preview

Hello everyone!

First of all I have to say that we finally got some sun over here in the Netherlands! Until now it has been a quite rainy summer. As far as game developing goes, we are still on it! In fact there are some interesting months coming up. A new game to be released soon, already good looking projects in development and one new project as well.

Today I want to show you guys some sneak peaks of that new project. Currently Stijn and I are working towards the first alpha version of the game. At this moment it is going pretty good, we are making good 'meters'. I can't tell you guys that much of the project yet. But I can give away that it will feature... cars!

I started with the mockup environment two weeks ago and it is currently looking like this:

Stijn is working on the main functionality of the game while I am working on the environment and place holder objects/graphics.

I also want to show you guys a little overview of how we create our skyboxes. It is not that hard to do this way, and besides that quite fun! Skyboxes really finish your environment scene. It can change the apperance and mood for your level a lot combined with the ambient lighting and lightmaps.

1. Most of the time I start with the sky. This is the first layer of my skybox where I draw everything on top of.

2. Adding the horizon is very important. It determines how far things are away from the camera. The position of the horizon has to match the perspective of the horizion seen from the 'game camera'.

3. On top of the horizon I put some more foreground kind of elements. Some buildings and some grass and foliage. I also added a shade of fog, to match the fog that is being rendered ingame.

That's it for now guys. Keep in touch with our facebook page for the latest game releases and updates!


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