dinsdag 10 juli 2012

Whraaahhh! It's me, miss Dragon!

In case you didn't notice: Go Kart Go! Nitro! is on Facebook. It's great!
And because of this extremely awesome news all our blog posts these days are about the making of this game.

I'm going to write a short piece about a part of game development that stays a bit underestimated: sound effects. And for Go Kart Go! Nitro! the sound effects, especially the voices, are really special. 

Did you know that...
The voice acting of the animals is done by us Xform people?
It's true!

Of course we already had the voices of the original characters, like the monkey, the guinea pig and the flamingo. (These guys appeared in Go Kart Go! Turbo!) But the new version has three new characters: the goat, the dragon and te parrot. 
So we revisited our friends at sound studio Sonic Picnic to record the voices of these three new animals. And because the dragon is the only female character, I was the chosen one to take care of her sound.
But what sound does a female dragon make? At the start I didn't had any clue, so we just tried out different roars and aaarghs.

How does she sounds?

Luckily for us all characters are cartoony and crazy. This meant we could fully enjoy making the wackiest sounds ever. And finally the guys from Sonic Picnic mixed this into a proper version.
So if you play the game, take some time to listen to the animal voices and you can hear us having fun!  


Listen to our voices and play the Facebook version of Go Kart Go! Nitro! here:


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