vrijdag 20 juli 2012

Guerilla Warfare

Hi everyone!

Everybody already played Go Kart Go! Nitro! on Facebook, so it's time for something new we are developing.
Last time I also posted a blog about the new sniper game and that was about pathfinding. Groups that are following a path that will lead them somewhere..

These groups are not just walking in the park or for fun... With one thing on their mind they will going to destroy your base and it's up to you how you are going to prevent that!
It won't be easy though, because it's not just one group that is going to attack you but many, many more!
Those groups will need some tactics, because standing in an open field and fire at you won't be an option, since they are too visible for that. They need some serious warfare for this!

Serious Warfare?

With several spots to attack they will make your life very hard. Obviously, they won't be all going to the same spot, so you will need to search for them.
At this point we need to know from which path they're coming from and what their possiblities are. In real war people won't cross the battlefield on open fields. But they find the best cover they can find and shoot you.

Serious Warfare Xform Style!!!

This means our game enemies will also search for the best spots, behind bushes, concrete walls, inside buildings... So how do we know where they need to go? Well, thats simple. :) We just need an artist that is going to place some nice stuff where they can take cover. By this I can add them as a cover spot.


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