woensdag 4 juli 2012

Go Kart Go Xform!

Hello everyone,

Finally!!! 'Go Kart Go! Nitro!' is on Facebook!
Have you already invited all your friends to play the best Facebook kart game ever??!!
If not.. you should be ashamed of yourself...
You could beat your friends!! Or foes! Ha! Beat their records!

Play it on Facebook now!

Having a vacation soon? Here in the Netherlands the vacation period has just begun, so the next couple of weeks you all have enough time to play this game every single day!!! And to beat your friends records of course.

Beat your friends!

Already played all the tracks? Also the one where the Jaws in is? For the ones who doesn’t know who Jaws is: It’s a big white Shark! Ah well, the Xform version is way better, look at his teeth... you don’t want to get caught by this guy!

Don't get caught...

You already have a favorite character to play with? Sure thing I do. I think Eugene the Guinea Pig is the best of all! Ha! With this character I will beat all the records!...

Some day... hehe.

Is he the fastest driver?

Have a good week all! And beat your Facebook friends' records!

Play the beta version of the game here: apps.facebook.com/gokartgonitro
And be sure to like the fan page: www.facebook.com/gokartgonitro


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