maandag 9 juli 2012

New New New!

It took us a while but Go Kart Go! Nitro! is finally playable on Facebook (just follow this link and play!). We've been working on this title on and off for quite a while. We've been working on a lot of cool new games lately and whenever we had some extra time on our hands we worked on this big update of the original Go Kart Go! Turbo!.

Although the first game was quite fun we did feel it lacked some tracks, weapons and chaos. Luckily for you we got all this stuff in this release and even added some extra's. Next to the eight original characters we added three more: Bruno the Parrot, Ali the Goat and Daisy the Dragon, these can be unlocked by collecting special character coins during races.
New Characters!

We also added three new weapons and the ability to carry up to three simultaneously. A balloon item holds five water balloons which can be thrown in front of you to slow other players down, just be careful not to drive through your own water puddles!!
The whirlwind item can be dropped behind your kart where it will suck-in anything in it's range.
The last and probably most fun weapon is the hammer, when used is swings a hammer around your kart knocking anyone over that comes in it's path.

New weapons!

Instead of a measly four tracks we now have a total 13 tracks, 12 selectable and one hidden in the Daily Challenges.

And as you might have read in Eugene's previous post the game is now connected to Facebook where you can post you rewards and share your high scores.
Don't forget to play the Daily Challenges and earn new skins for your kart by collecting paint drops. These might even give your kart secret advantages above regular karts... Keep on playing!


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