woensdag 1 augustus 2012

Creator of worlds!!!

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to tell you a little bit more about the upcoming sniper game! It is in full development now. Enemies are spawning like crazy all around the level trying to destroy our base, looking for cover and all. The weapons are getting done quickly and the level is ready for the alpha version.

I am going to show you the level where it takes place, from scratch till now! First we decided that the game will take place in a city. Then we are going to mockup the level: get the floor done and using simple boxes as buildings or other big things in the city.

Step 1: Mockup level

When that is done, I am going to replace the boxes by actual buildings with a building texture of course. Now I’m going to check if the buildings are not scattered around the whole level. So we are going to make groups of buildings, high office buildings near each other, old buildings with the old ones, etc etc.

Step 2: Adding buildings and textures to the world

After this we're going to make the city more interesting. Adding some “misc objects”, like power cables, trees, roadblocks and military stuff.
When this is done we're going to make the cover positions for our enemies, they have to get a chance to take cover so now and then... The purple stuff you see on the image below are the cover positions for the enemies.

Step 3: Adding misc objects and enemy cover positions

When those things are done, we are going to make a light map. I’m not going to explain this whole process, because it can be read in an earlier blog of Matt. I’ll just show the final result:

Step 4: Final Result

That’s all for now!

Hails! Eugène

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