woensdag 11 juli 2012

How to set records!

Dear readers,

Today I'll be writing about Go Kart Go! Nitro! on how you can set a record (or at least get close to one).

The trick is to get your corners right. With the help of our race expert Joep, I've set up some ideal race lines.
The first one is shown below.

The blue line shows the ideal race line that your kart should follow. Before you enter the corner make sure you're on the outer side of the corner. Then start turning-in in such a way that you'll touch the inner corner where the corner is the sharpest also called the apex). After this slightly steer back and arrive at the so-called 'track out' point. If you follow this procedure you should be able to maintain your speed and thus will be able to set a track record (if at least the other karts don't block your path).

It should roughly look like this when you're playing the game:

Here's a different kind of corner (two corners):

The fastest way to get through this one is to try and follow a straight line as much as possible.

Hope this helps you in setting a track record. Happy playing!

-- Stijn

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