dinsdag 18 januari 2011

Panic at the Zoo trailer and GDC 2011

This week I’m working on the trailer for our upcoming time-management game: Panic at the Zoo. I’ll make sure to do a dedicated post here once it’s actually finished, with a link to the youtube video on the Xform channel. The video is turning out very much like the game; hectic, but a lot of fun. As Xform is a company dominated by male employees, I’m very curious what the ladies think of this time management game (known as a genre dominated by female players) and the trailer I’ve made. Xforms’ strength lies predominantly in the production of arcade type genres, but definitely shouldn’t be limited to only these racing and shooting games. The true test will be when the game hits the portals next week and everyone will get a chance to play the game.

I’m also working on a Xform show reel for the upcoming Game Developer Conference 2011. This will highlight some of last year’s best Xform releases in a very short trailer. If you’re planning to attend the GDC, please visit the Holland Pavilion for a glimpse of Xforms’ latest work or if you have any business you would like to discuss, contact us at directly info@xform.nl

Stay tuned for the Panic at the Zoo trailer!

-- Erik

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