woensdag 5 januari 2011

Balancing the zoo

I made good progress with the so called 'Panic Mode' in the time management game. Currently it is fully playable from start to end. Also all of the trophy functionality in the panic mode is done.

From now on I'm going to work on the balance and tweaking of the panic mode. This is harder than it may look. There are a lot of variables to set to make everything work. Imagine all of the animal timelines and visitor timelines to be written down. We want full control of the game with a random feeling. Therefor we use pre defined 'demand' timelines for the animals. These timelines determine their demands during the game. For example; We want the monkey to ask for a banana after 10 seconds. The visitors are also semi random. The amount of visitors and visitor types are pre defined per game session. But the moment when the visitors need to be spawned, is influenced by the player's descisions and play style.

Working with partly fixed data gives me a lot of control over the different game situations while playing. It does make the game less random though.

-- Joep

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