vrijdag 7 januari 2011

Alas, no moving platforms

Dear readers,

In about 6 weeks from now the platform game should be finished and there is still much to do. Yesterday our interns Ruben and Remco started working on levels for the platform game. They will have to make levels with the current available functionality. We noticed however that some more functionality would make the game more fun. After having a meeting about this, one of the desired functionalities was moving platforms. I have experimented with moving platforms before and written a blog about it before. Of course back then the program was much simpler. The moving platforms work, but there are little things like animations going wrong when on a moving platform or being pushed off the platform when it starts moving the other way. All these things are fixable with some amount of work, but with the risk of messing up other things which previously worked fine. For this reason and with our deadline in mind we decided it's better to leave moving platforms out. If there is time left then I'd like to look at again because moving platforms definitely make the game more fun. But it's better to have a game with few features that works decently than a game with many features that works crappy. So I'll be working on other features instead and of course more boss levels.

Here is one of the levels Remco is working on:

-- Stijn

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