woensdag 19 januari 2011

Almost time to panic!

As you might have noticed we've announced the time management game! Panic At The Zoo is pretty much done. I still have some minor tweaks, balancing and bugs left to do before it can be released.

We are probably going to launch the game (few weeks after the first release) in different languages too. This will be a last though job to complete. All of the text displayed in the game is dynamic. They are actually textures created through our 'Text Texture' generator made by Pieter. The system needs several variables before it is able to create a 'TextTexture'. For example, a font, text style, text size and of course the text characters themselves are needed. This texture is then drawn using a mesh which defines the text field. The system also supports automatic text wrapping, resizing and some other tricks to make the text fit inside such text fields. Which comes in very handy when dealing with texts in different languages. Something can be short in english.. but may be very long in another language, which causes trouble.

Before I get on with the localisation system, I'm going to create the final build of the english version of Panic At The Zoo.. Fingers crossed :)!

- Joep

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