maandag 24 januari 2011

Nothing to tell you...

Hi all,

It has been almost two months since my last post… Oops :S Normally I switch posts with Diederik each week, but somehow this got mixed up. The holidays and some of my days off didn’t help either. Nevertheless, I am back with another post and nothing to tell you…

At the moment we have 4 projects in development. 2 of them are TOP-Secret. The other 2 are already regularly mentioned on this blog; Panic at the Zoo and our 3d-platform game (title will be revealed soon).

I am working on one of the TOP-Secret projects. It seems like I am always working on these as others can always mention or show something. They only thing I can tell you it is going to be awesome,.. once again… and that is related to racing and cars,… once again. This project shouldn’t take too long anymore as I am already on it for the last few weeks so hopefully some cool detailed screenshots in the next month or so.

For now I leave you with the most awesome water racing game on the web,.. with explosions!

- Pieter

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