dinsdag 11 januari 2011

Developing our business

At this point in time there’s a lot that might happen for Xform in the coming year. Two new games are coming up that don’t fit in the traditional Xform line-up, because they’re not racing/shooting or even post-apocalyptic jetski games (this genre composed at least 10% of last year’s lineup :). As has been mentioned on this blog a lot by the developers already; we’re working on a time management game: “Panic at the Zoo” and a traditional platform game in the style of Super Mario Bros 3.

To get these out there in the world of gameportals and all those crazy flash game sites can be a real challenge. For a start, most sites only deal with Flash-based games and Xform games are made for the Shockwave plugin. The difference between these two is mainly that shockwave handles 3D games a lot better, whereas it’s a lot faster to develop in Flash, the 2D games that you see for this plugin can be as basic as they come. With gameplay consisting of banging the space bar repeatedly.

The market for high quality 3D browser based games is confusing to say the least, but the market is definitely there. Our upcoming games have been met with a mixed reception online, but there are people interested. We hope the gamers will enjoy these so much when they come out and appreciate the difference in quality with other, crappier games that they’ll become avid Xform fans. As for what might be in store for the company this year, there’ll be more high quality games in different, but also the tried and trusted Xform genres. Games for new platforms and new ways to play our games are also coming up! A good way to see our latest games, wherever they might appear online is through our website or on our facebook page!

 -- Erik

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