dinsdag 7 december 2010

Trailers and explosions!

Trailers tend to be great tools to highlight how cool your game is. Trailers for Xform games have one big attraction: explosions! That’s pretty much always the main feature of our games and logically, also our trailers. I’ll be working on a trailer for our most recent game in the coming weeks. Finally, our action-packed, highly exciting, aquatic racing game extravaganza is only a few weeks from release. 

Of course, I want the trailer to reflect the highlights for our most recent effort. So explosions will be the main ingredient for the movie. These explosions will indeed be caused by weapons, which will play a major role in the form of pick-ups during the race to shoot your opponents with. And in turn for them, to shoot you with if you’re in the lead…

Next up are the environments, which, together with the explosions will be the stars of the game as they’ll play host to lots of secrets and shortcuts. Actually they’ll be the scenes for huge, massive, epic, explosions themselves! How that will work out, you’ll have see for yourself once it releases in a few weeks time (don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated on the actual release date right here). Or you can simply check out the trailer here very soon! We’re really interested in how people will like our new release…

So stay tuned for more news on our newest release and the accompanying trailer in the coming weeks. I’ll keep you guys updated as much as I can!

-- Erik

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