vrijdag 10 december 2010

Minigame sneak preview

Dear readers,

This week the minigames for the time management game have been finished. I've worked on the giraffe and monkey minigame. In the giraffe minigame the player has to tickle the giraffe's neck causing him to laugh which will allow you to give him medicine. The animations for it are very funny (Good job, Joep). The only thing we're still missing is a laughing giraffe sound. Here's a little sneak preview:

The monkey minigame and the other minigames our intern Richard made you'll see when the game is ready which shouldn't be too long from now.

Now that the minigames are finished I'm back to working on the platform game. I'm currently working on a boss level, coding the boss behavior. Unfortunately I don't have boss animations or even poses yet. This means I can code the behaviour but visually you won't see too much, which makes it harder for me to see if the behaviour is right. Next week the beta version should be ready, I'm not sure we'll make it though. But I'll let you know next week :)

-- Stijn

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