donderdag 2 december 2010

Color Correction on textures PART TWO

Hi All,

Finally I have found the time again to write you guys a blog post, the past few weeks have been very busy as we've been finalizing the "water race game". One of the major tasks we have to do at the end of each project is the color correction of the textures, Diederik already wrote a post on how this is done on a single image, I would like to show you guys one way of color correcting multiple instances of the same image in one file.

For our game we need the same set of four water particle images for each track, but they all have to be color corrected to match the environment of each track. One of the most common ways to do these kind of tasks is to create Photoshop Actions for each image, but I would like to show you another way to adjust multiple images at once. This is how I did it for the water particles:

Click on the images for larger versions!

I created a Photoshop file and imported the images that needed to be corrected, in this case four water particle images, and turned each image into a Smart Object. Next I aligned and placed them into a Group Folder which I gave the name of the first race track. I also set the folder blend mode to Normal (instead of the default Pass Trough). This prevents adjustment layers placed in this group to affect layers outside of this group. Next I paced a Gradient Map Adjustment layer (for color correction) inside the track Group Folder and on top of the Smart Objects. So in this case the Gradient Map only affects the Smart Objects inside the Group Folder.

At this point the color correction for the first track was done now I only needed to create a copy of the Group Folder for each Track, move the whole folder so the images don't overlap and do some color correction by adjusting each copy of the Gradient Map Adjustment Layer.

Now I have one big Photoshop file which contains the corrected water particles for all the games tracks, but how will I save this into multiple images? Here’s where Photoshops Slice tool comes in Handy. With his tool you can mark and name area's (slices) in your Photoshop file which can be saved as multiple images in just one go ( It’s amazing!) by using the Save for Web and Devices option. Finally Just copy each image in the right directory and we're done.

Setting up a file like this can take some time, but once it's done it can make your life a lot easier.

Cheers, Matt

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