vrijdag 24 december 2010

Boss Level

Dear readers,

Last Friday me and Joep needed a decent version of our games and we're given a list of issues that we should change/fix. We did our best, but weren't satisfied at the end of the day. So Monday and Tuesday we continued fixing bugs. The newest addition to my platform game is the boss level. About two weeks ago we had a meeting discussing the behaviour of the boss (a baboon). The baboon has certain modes. A mode is for example to chase after the player or to taunt. A very common sight in platform games (and which we also do) is that after hitting the boss a couple of times, the boss will start doing something else to break the monotony. This we call a phase. Phases exist of a list of modes together with their duration. The modes in the list are then played sequentially and cycle when at the end. So phase one can be described as (ChasePlayer, 10seconds), (Taunt, 1 second). In this way it's very easy to adjust a phase.

I did have some trouble getting it to work decently with physics. Sometimes I could get stuck and I would have to restart the level which is unacceptable of course. Placing new physic objects is also a delicate matter: if the new physic object overlaps with an existing physic object you'll get unexpected results. It all seems to work nicely now so the next step will be creating more levels and enemies. Here's a little preview of the baboon:

(In case you're wondering: the black bar on his eyes is intentional as we don't like to give everything away. He's not a sex offender in our game or anything. Don't worry...)

Have a Merry Christmas!

-- Stijn

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