woensdag 15 december 2010

A lot of little things

Since my post last week I've been working on a lot of small things. Mainly fixing some interface related issues. Some icons were displayed when they shouldn't. There was a major issue with the minigames where some interface elements were or weren't displayed at all. I also worked on the options screen and some 'dialogues' which pop up when the player unlocks a trophy for example. I used the slider system from Stijn to create the sound and music volume sliders in the options screen.

This week I also worked on the game's intro 'cinematics'. The time management game features a small story, which is being told before playing. It is displayed using still images accompanied with some text. There are also some extra elements which 'blink' to make some stills more clear. 

Currently all of the still images (made by Matthew!) are in the intro sequence. The timing between the images still needs tweaking. Also the texts to display in the intro haven't been finalized. For now it is ok, this friday we'll need to have a new build of the game. And there are still a lot of other things to do too...

-- Joep

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