woensdag 22 december 2010

Stressing in the zoo!

The time management game is getting better and better. Last week I solved a lot of (small) bugs and worked on the flow of the game. I also made a new build of the game to be attacked by some of the people over here in the search of bugs. Next up is the 'arcade' mode. You might think, arcade mode in a time management kind of game?.. Yes! The time management game will feature a more action based gameplay mode.

The arcade mode will generally be the same gameplay as the player will face in the campaign mode. But it will be much much harder. For a start, the player will begin right in the middle of a 'game situation', instead of gently building up to the rush of visitors and demanding animals. The animals will need a lot more attention and the zoo will be more crowded during the arcade mode. This will force the player to make it's decisions faster. When finishing a 'day' or 'stage' during the arcade mode, the player will advance to the next one. If the player doesn't meet the current 'day' or 'stage' targets and the end of the game session, it is game over.

The arcade mode will be unlocked if a player finishes the normal campaign. During the arcade mode the player is able to find some hidden objects and unlock trophies only unlockable in the arcade mode.

-- Joep

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