vrijdag 23 maart 2012

Welcome to the world of game portals

Hi all,

At Xform we love to make games. But we also love to make money with our games. That's why we don’t keep the games for ourselves, but we sell them to game portals.
As you may know we produce both exclusive and non-exclusive games. Creating a non-exclusive game means that it can be published on more than one game portal. For example: Rhino Rush, Area Zero and Shootin' Cybertrash are non-exclusive and so they can be found on different portals.

Because we want to reach as many people as possible we’re always looking for new portals to host our games. Finding these portals sounds easy, because there are thousands of them. But at the same time there are so many that it’s easy to drown in the big browser game world. So if you want to sell your game and you’re looking for an appropriate game portal it’s good to make a list of things that are important for you.
When I’m researching possible game portals I take a closer look at:
  • The quality of the website (Design/Display of advertisements/Free of crashes)
  • The kind of games a portal is hosting (Flash/Shockwave/Unity)
  • Business model (How to make money with your game.)
  • Developer info (Guideline how to submit a game.)
  • Game requirements (What requirements your game should meet to make it to the portal.)
  • Contact info (Believe me, there are game portals you simply can’t contact.)
If you have enough information and think you’re dealing with a decent portal, you can start doing business!

Speaking of business: since the launch of Freestyle Snow Wheeling is already a few weeks ago, it’s almost time for a new Xform game. And this time it’s: Go Kart Go! Nitro!
The game will be launched next week, but take a look at these pictures:

Looks great, doesn't it? Well, I did play the game a few times now and it's really fun!
The new tracks, characters and weapons are definitely a great addition to this sequel of Go Kart Go! Turbo!. The game is even more wacky, so go play it when it’s online. It’s a non-exclusive game, so you may find it on many portals!

Have a great weekend!     


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