vrijdag 2 maart 2012

Downhill carboarding!

All the time we have been talking about a "snowboard game with cars". And now the game is finished and released! It's called: Freestyle Snow Wheeling!
The last couple of weeks were very hectic, because all of the bug reports and other issues that had to be fixed. The last few days I was even dreaming of Freestyle Snow Wheeling. I was driving in my own car downhill of the mountain where I was during my last ski trip, making flips and spins to become world champion "Snow Wheeler"!

But let's talk about some awesome game mechanics! We added some nice challenging mini games! In the beginning you will think that those "challenging" mini games aren't challenging enough! But you will see for yourself that you will get a hard time completing them in the last mountain!
Those mini games are triggered by a special gate. So if you see a gate with some nice colors, drive through it to make it even more challenging! We got 3 different types of mini games and all with a different color. My favorite mini game is the time challenge. It's nice to drive through those gates hoping you can get to the next gate!

Shirley made an awesome trailer for all of you to watch! Go check it out on our Youtube channel!

If you can't wait to play it here is the link for the game! For everyone that always wanted to go downhill a snowy mountain with a car check the link below!!
Freestyle Snow Wheeling!

Slalom Mini Game

Lately I'm working on a new project. Can't tell you much about it... Yet. :)
But it's something completely different than driving a car or flying in a plane. The only thing I can say: you will be dealing with balls!



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