vrijdag 30 maart 2012

Goalkeeper "Xform" performing at World Class ranking!

Hello all!
Today a new update for one of our new games, our soccer game!
Last few weeks I'm quite busy with implementing basic features in our soccer game. It's still in pre alpha version so everything is with placeholders and still in progress. The hardest part is to keep on track of what we need in an alpha instead of adding all kind of features that should be added later on. This way we can check if the game's basic is good enough.

One of those basic parts is shooting the ball and hope that you will score instead of saved by the keeper. And the both parts will sound pretty easy but sadly it will take more time then you expect. I've been working on the ball controls for some time now, just to get the feeling that the ball is easy to control and adjust when you want. Because our ball is no ordinary soccer ball... It's a special soccer ball! With some awesome features that every soccer ball would like to have! Haha!
It can be shot in a direction, but if you change your mind you can make it do an effect which will confuse the keeper and eventually (if you do it good) shoot it in the goal!

Our keeper can't be as good as the Dutch "van der Sar", Italian "Buffon" or Brazilian "Julios Cesàr" but it will still be a pain to get the ball in the goal!

I will explain a bit how we control his ball control in his goal. He won't have reflexes like the goalkeepers above but this one is very unique, because he won't need those reflexes! He will just dive in the right corner!
We divided the goal in 15 area's...

So our goal keeper will know in which area the ball will be coming to know what to do. In the beginning of the game the keeper will be a bit slower, but later on he will be at world class ranking and won't let any ball get passed him!

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