woensdag 14 maart 2012

Olympic stadium Xform!

Hello all!

Someone already made some sick awesome tricks on the frostbitten mountains of Freestyle Snow Wheeling?
Well, last week I had a week off, so no work time for me... But time to play that awesome game! Ha!

Freestyle Snow Wheeling!

Well this week back to work!! With a new fresh project. My brother already started with the project during my week off, with some place holder material I made before. So this week it's a good week for replacing the place holders!

I started with making the stadium for the game. First, I made a list of what materials I need in my stadium. For example: concrete, some iron, doors, windows, chairs, etc, etc.
With that information I decided how big my texture would be.
When I started with my texture I first made a mockup texture. Here I determine where I'm going to place my materials, which I made before.

This is how my texture looks like now.
(this is still work in progress)

After that, I’m going to start to model the stadium in 3d and adjust my texture if needed.
I made a small part of the stadium, from top till down and simply copy-past it till it was big enough. Bend the whole bunch till I’m satisfied with my mesh. And adjust the model where needed.

So that's all for now!
Don’t forget to check out Freestyle Snow Wheeling and get that sick score!


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