dinsdag 21 september 2010

Xform Blog Kickoff!

Welcome to the Xform Game Development Blog! We are Xform, a game development studio based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We specialize in the production of 3D, browserbased games. We're certainly not limited to the production of only one kind of game, since the company has started 6 years ago we've tried many different genres and directions. Xform has also published a downloadable DSi Ware game called Flipper.

My name is Erik Coenen and I started working here roughly two months ago as the Production Manager. This basically means I need to get everything in line production wise so the programmers and artists can do their work and deliver you their awesome games. I have a background in game journalism as a writer, in television production (specifically related to games) as a cameraman and editor and also in videogame marketing. I hope to provide you with any interesting observations I can share with you, but you can learn the most from the really creative people in our company that actually make the games. I hope the programmers and artists can offer you some interesting insights on game development and specific problems and issues they come across.

If you have any questions, please let us know! Here: http://www.xform.nl/ you can see more of our projects and find out more about what we do. You can also visit us on Facebook and like us more actively by actually clicking the thumbs up icon (please do so we know you like us :)! We also have a Twitter account, so don't be a stranger and drop by every once in a while. We're always very open to suggestions and new ideas!

-- Erik

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