vrijdag 24 september 2010

Matt's superfantastic almighty art-blog

Hi Y'all,

Welcome to the great and allmighty Xform blog! I'm Matt and have joined the team about two years ago as an 2D and 3D artist. I'm currently working on a unannounced 3D browser based game. Right now I can't say too much about this project but I can tell you that is takes place on the water and will (In good Xform tradition) be action packed!

The past few weeks I've been designing, modeling and texturing two environments for this game. One of these is a harbor, you can see a work in progress screenshot below. The harbor environment is just about finished, it only needs some invisible walls (for collision) and a nice skybox to finish it off.

In the next few weeks I'll keep you updated on this project!
Cheers, Matt

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