dinsdag 28 september 2010

Going strong and more to come

Hi All,

We're into our second week of blog posts for our Xform Game Development blog now. I hope you find this window directly into our office informative in some way. We really want to give readers an idea of the work that goes into our obviously awesome games ;) and we really want it to deliver some great insights for aspiring developers or artists so you can start developing your own skills. 

Currently several new projects are being worked on here simultaneously, this creates a new challenge for us. We need to split up the team into two  seperate workforces that work side by side on totally different projects. On top of that, both of these new projects are genres we've had little or no experience in creating.

However, as the allround fanatic gamers that we all are and Xform's proven track record in creating fun (and awesome) games, we're confident we can pull it off! As a manager I'm not responsible for creating the actual contents of the game, but I'm enabling the others to work their awesomeness. 

I want to leave you guys with our newest release: Burnin' Rubber 4. A game that captures Xforms' idea for fun, racing and explosions in one great package. This is what you can expect from us...but there's lots more coming, in all types of genres.

-- Erik

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