vrijdag 24 september 2010

A Star Pathfinding

Hello all,

My first post then! I'm Joep and I joined the team a year ago. I started doing 3D / Graphics work, on 'Race to Rome' for example. But at this moment I'm working as a programmer on the time-management game. This project is very interesting. It is going to be something that I haven't seen before.

Currently I'm working on a pathfinding system which will be used in our time-management game. It is based upon the A* or 'A Star' algorithm. It seems to work very well for us in this project. The grids we'll be using aren't that big so we should be fine with search times/delays. Also the system I made is able to spread individual searches over multiple frames, which really helps when searching complicated paths. It doesn't freeze up the game doing it this way.

I got this little teaser screenshot to show but that's it for now. Have a nice weekend!
-- Joep

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