vrijdag 26 oktober 2012

Total Carnage

We're currently deep into testing and balancing Burnin' Rubber 5, which is quite a task, because it's such a big browser game. A few things have changed since the last versions where we mainly focused on scale. In the previous versions we created loads of tracks and even an open world in Burnin' Rubber 4. This time we're more focused on custom tracks and insane vehicles and weapons.

Besides the well known primary and secondary weapons we now have a new category... the special weapons! These weapons are linked to a bar which slowly fills. When this bar is full your opponents better stay out of your path (if they even can)!! The first unlockable special weapon is the Machinegun Roof Turret, which is exactly that: a machine gun turret attached to your roof.

I think it's better if you just move out of my way!

Imagine this: you're approaching the finish line but you're locked in between four bad-ass opponents. Your chances seem slim. You can try to get around them... but why not use your Machinegun Roof Turret?!
When activated you switch to your first person gun view while the AI takes the steering wheel. Now it's time to shoot those ##@*! out of your way!!!

Taste my special weapon!!! You like that, don't you?

This is just the first special weapon. Later on there are much crazier specials available.
Let the carnage begin!!!


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