vrijdag 12 oktober 2012


Hi, everyone!

We are still very busy with the our new game! The end is near, but we got a lot of unfinished business... There are some minor changes, but it cost a lot of time to make those changes. Since the essence of the game is shooting we (you guess) have a lot of weapons, so a lot of settings to make those weapons very unique...
We got 3 types of weapons and within each type there are several different guns you can buy. It would be a little bit odd if we let you buy a gun that isn't different than the lower classed weapons. So these weapons need be unlocked by playing the game and by leveling up as a team! So when you manage to neutralize all enemies you will unlock new weapons.

Different ammo upgrades

To make all weapons feel unique we need to make all stats dynamic. So when someone wants to change the rate of fire or the reload speed of a machine gun he needs to be able to change it.
So it's very important for me to implement it from a text file that will be loaded into the game. That way we can easily manage all these stats and change them on each run. Would be better to change it during the game, but we are not able to do that, yet. :) We can't make guns with only 1 tweakable stat, so we need a lot. Think of damage, damage type, bullet, rate of fire, reload speed, amount of ammo, zoom (and if it does: how far..) With those (and more) we can make a lot of different weapons. :)
Easy to think of, but a hell to manage and tweak them to make it unique! Which weapon needs more damage? And why should that one need more? But what when it has too much damage and to much ammo?.. Lots of stuff we need to think of before tweaking it!

How to tweak this gun?

The important part of those stats is that you need a beginning and an end point, so when you got 5 weapons of 1 type, your beginning point (lowest) will be the first one and the end point (best) the fifth one. So it's easier for you to make the weapons different from each other.

 Like this gun, with its zoom and ammo upgrade maxed out! I think everyone would like this!

How much damage will this one do?

Greetings, Michael

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