woensdag 2 mei 2012

Metro construction

Hello everyone!

First of all we're proud to present you our brand new game 'Katie Commando'. I'm happy that the game is online for you guys to play, it has been a tough ride getting the game done. There are always some small things that could have been better. But hey, in the end it became a nice fast little game :)!

Today I want to show you guys some of the recent work I did for our new racing game project. After I finished my work for Katie Commando I started modeling several new assets to be used in a new race track. Mainly 'Metro' assets. And eh no, we aren't going to create the new 'Metro Simulator 2012', but we do want to give one track some train-ish / metro-ish kind of setting.

I started by making a straight piece of metro tunnel. I also UV-mapped it directly on the 2nd UV channel for lightmap baking. This came in very handy when making the corner pieces. I made the corners from the same straight metro tunnel by bending them using the 'Bend' modifier. Because I already UV mapped these pieces on the 2nd channel I will get nice and good lightmaps because of the straight UV's. It also saves a lot of texture space keeping things straight.

Uber super secret sneak preview:

That's all folks! Until next time!

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