woensdag 9 mei 2012

A hell called Flash

Hello all!

Wednesday, blog day for me! And another day in Flash... Last couple of weeks I have been working on the Menu and Interface for our soccer game. For me this was something new. Never opened the program before. So with some aid of Mike and Matt, I got to learn some basic flash and got started.

But before opening Flash, I made some mock-up screens in Photoshop. To determine the style, where the buttons need to be placed, what the overall look will be, etc. We do this for every screen in the menu and interface: main menu, help, pause, results screen, etc.

Mockup screen in Photoshop

When all the screens are done we are going to implement them in Flash. After some trial and error I got the menu and interface up and running! For now I’m going to skip all the weirdness I encountered in Flash. (I think the title of my Blog says enough, hehehe...) I’m glad I learned some Flash and while getting more into it, it gets more fun!

Implemented mockup screen in Flash

After implementing the mock-up screens into Flash I started finalizing the menu screens by replacing the mock-up graphics with some nice stuff and better backgrounds!

Here's one of the menu's backgrounds:

Menu background

That’s all for now!

Hails, Eugène

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