vrijdag 25 mei 2012

Serious action!?

Hello all!

Everybody got excited about the new project that Stijn was talking about? A new race game project? If you weren't you should be!

My brother wrote some posts about the same projects as me and the last one was about "A hell called Flash" :P Something about finishing up a menu and interface. In my last post I was talking about finishing up too, so I won't be posting anything new of this project. The reason for that is because... its FINISHED!!!!! Yay! Soon available for you to play! You got to update our Facebook or Twitter page the upcoming days, because we will post a link for this soccer game!!! I hope everyone is as excited as I am, because it's an awesome game and I think you all will love it as well!!

Sneak peak on the stadium of our new soccer game!

But when projects are finished new ones will start. :) This new one will be something real special! And I really like these genres. And so does my brother! We will be updating you all with the most exciting news about our new project! Can't really tell too much, because it's still in prototype, many stuff to do, coding a lot of new stuff!

But be ready for some serious action!

Have a nice weekend everyone, hope your weather forecast is as good as here in The Netherlands, because we finally got some sunny weather: 25C / 74F!!


2 opmerkingen:

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